Dublin Championships Timetable

Dublin County Athletic Board

Team Competition U9/10, 11,

Santry 24th July

  • Location: Morton Stadium, Santry https://goo.gl/maps/qFBfDmSfN8ti4vQP8
  • Please ensure you arrive at the time flagged in arrive time column for your child/children’s first event!
  • You MUST exit after your child/ren has competed in their last event.
  • Check-in for athletes will take place at the Clonliffe Harriers entrance to the track (you will be directed to the right gate)
  • Screening form must be completed in advance  
  • Encourage your child to sip on water before they leave the house and while at the stadium.
  • Sunscreen a must in this heat too!
  • Please wear club competition singlet.
  • There will be limited parking at the stadium, so you can try the part beside Santry Stadium or the Centra carpark across the road.  
  • At all times, those who are spectating are required to wear face-masks.
  • Any questions contact Head coach Jeremy Lyons 087 9292853

Boys Team Competition

AgeNameArrive timeEvent timeEvent
10Jacques Duthoit09.4610.1260m
10Jacques Duthoit 11.20Turbo
10Evan Doyle09.4610.1260m
10Evan Doyle 12.12500m
10Max Lyons11.0011.20Turbo
10Max Lyons 12.12500m
11Ozie Turan09.3010.00Long Jump
11Ozie Turan 12.55600m
11Akim Lozovoi09.3010.00Long Jump
11Akim Lozovoi 12.00Turbo
11Arthur Kenevey11.4012.00Turbo
11Arthur Kenevey 12.55600m

Girls Competition

AgeNameArriveEvent timeEvent
9Amelia McCallion15:00  15.20Long Jump A
9Amelia McCallion 16.00300m B
9Zara Akinsowon15:0015.20Long Jump A
9Zara Akinsowon 16.00300m C
9Mya Akinsowon15:0015.20Long Jump B
9Mya Akinsowon 16.00300m B
9Niamh O’ Farrell13:3014.0060m A
9Niamh O’ Farrell 15.20Long Jump B
9Orlaith O’ Grady13:3014.0060m A
9Orlaith O’ Grady15.3016.00300m A
9Lucy Kavanagh13.3014.0060m B
9Lucy Kavanagh15.3016.00300m A
9Monika Lozovaja13.3014.0060m B
9Monika Lozovaja 16.00300m C
10Nikita Riecka13.4614.1660m
10Nikita Riecka 14.40Long Jump
10Eve McCormack13.4614.1660m
10Eve McCormack 14.40Long Jump
11Liliya Riecka15.4016.00Turbo
11Liliya Riecka 16.40600m
11Sophie Ferguson15.4016.00Turbo
11Sophie Winkless14.0614.3660m A
11Sophie Winkless 16.40600m
11Ella O’ Dwyer13.3014.00Long Jump
11Ella O’ Dwyer 14.3660m A
11Ava Kavanagh14.0614.3660m B
11Sarah O’ Farrell13.3014.00Long Jump
11Sarah O’ Farrell 14.3660m B

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