Week 40: Weekly Update

Week Beginning: 29/05/2023

After the excitement of a busy competition weekend it is back to training this week.

Academy (2013 to 2015) reverts to one day a week this week. Exception is those who have qualified for All-Irelands who will have an additional session and coaches will be in touch directly.



Fr Collins Park

All Ages 18:30 – 19:30

2016 finish at 19:15



19:00 to 20:00

2011 & Older.

Sprints, Middle Distance & Throws.



Competition Prep Day for U12 & Older. Coaching teams will be in direct contact.

Sprints / Hurdles / High Jump / Long Jump

Week 39: Weekly Update

Week Beginning: 22/05/2023

Big Week This Week.



Fr Collins Park

All Ages 18:30 – 19:30

2016 finish at 19:15


High Jump & Long Jump prep for competition. This is limited to athletes competing in these events for the Girls u13 to Girls u16 age groups. Coaches will be in touch.



*Relay Squads* and Shot Putt.

19:00 – 20:00

U12 to U17 (Ages 2006 to 2012) only, younger ages are resting as competing the next day. Relay Squad invites will be sent in the next 24 hours.


Dublin Childrens Games, Tallaght, U9 to U11.


Day 1 Dublin Championships U12 upwards, Tallaght.

Dublin Championships Details

Timetables for Dublin Championships for U12 to U17 are now available.

List of Competing Athletes

All athletes who have confirmed they are competing are listed here. If any of this is incorrect please update Jeremy. This also includes the dates for each event for each athlete. Find here what day(s) the athlete is competing and then check the timetables for that day(s) below for more details.

Athlete List


Timetables for each day are linked here. Coaching team will be in touch closer to each day with more specific details, if required.

Day 1 28-May

Day 2 9-Jun

Day 3 10-Jun

Day 4 11-Jun

Day 5 14-Jun

Day 6 16-Jun

Day 7 17-Jun

Week 38: Weekly Update

Week Beginning: 15/05/2023



Fr Collins Park

All Ages 18:30 – 19:30

2016 finish at 19:15



19:00 – 20:00

Ages 2006 to 2015


*Please read carefully as competitions or training in 3 different locations*

Dublin League U13 to U16 Only, in Tallaght. Events available as follows, please confirm to event coach if competing who will answer any questions.

U13: 200m, Long Jump, High Jump. Coach Ed for boys, Marie for girls.

U14: 200m, 1000m, Javelin. Coach Jeremy.

U15: 200m, 1000m, Shot Putt Coach Cliodhna

U16: 200m, 1000m, Shot Putt, Discus Coach Cliodhna

Fr Collins Park

10:00 – 10:45

Competition Preparation for u9 to u12


9:30 – 11:00

Competition Preparation for u13 to u17. Events covered are High Jump, Hurdles, Javelin and Discus. Please contact Jeremy to confirm attendance.

Upcoming Competition Dates

Sunday 21st May:

Dublin League – Tallaght

U13 to U16 Only. U9 to U12 will have a Competition Training Day at a track on this day, details on this training day will be confirmed in the coming days.

League Events

200m (All ages)

1000m (U14-U16)

Long Jump (U13)

High Jump (U13)

Shot Putt (U15 & U16)

Javelin (U14)

Discus (U14)

Saturday 27th May

Childrens Games, Dublin Championships, Tallaght

Age Group Coaches have been in touch regarding this. It is for U9 to U11 (2013 to 2015).

Sunday 28th May

Day 1 of the Dublin Championships (Older Ages), Tallaght. Age Group Coaches will be in touch regarding preparation for these events and entry details.


600m/800m: U12 to U17

Long Hurdles (250m to 400m): U15 to U17

Shot Putt: U12 / U14 / U15

Long Jump: U15 / U16 / U17

High Jump: U12 to U14

Javelin: U13 to U16

Dublin League Details

A round of the Dublin League takes places this Sunday in Tallaght.

The timetable and events per age is in this link


Reminder age groups are u10 (2014), u11 (2013), u12 (2012), u13 (2011), u14 (2010), u15 (2009), u16 (2008).

Leagues are good preparation for the upcoming championship and also an opportunity to get competition experience.

Fill in this form so Age Group Coaches know you will be competing. There is space for any questions you may have in the form but also the Age Group Coaches are listed below who can also be contacted directly.


Age Group Coaches

U10 Conor 086/833 8135

U11 Girls Dan 087/134 8556

U11 Boys Morgan 087/991 0654

U12 Jeremy 087/929 2853

U13 Girls Marie 086/337 7711

U13 Boys Ed 087/919 0419

U14 Jeremy 087/929 2853

U15/U16 Girls Cliodhna 087/648 7587

U15/U16 Boys Jeremy 087/929 2853

Club Championship Results

A great day on Saturday in the NIA for our 2023 Club Championships. Lots of events in an action packed 90 minutes.



2SiennaSamTessSam MOrlaithMaxLiliyaAdamJodie
3ManuelaJamieLuziaSam KZaraOllyEvaJadenMeabh

Middle Distance

2ManuelaDarraghTessSam MNiamhOllyLiliyaBenPoppy
3SiennaSeanMadisonSam KLucyJoeAoifeCillianJodie


PlaceB10 TurboB12 SPB14 SPG14 SP
2MateoOranDylanSophie F

Long Jump


Week 34: Weekly Update

Week Beginning: 17/04/2023



Fr Collins Park

All Ages 18:30 – 19:30

2016 finish at 19:15



19:00 – 20:00

Ages 2006 to 2015


Club Championships & Open Day

Lucan Harriers Track

16:00 to 18:00

Confirm attendance in this link here.

*Note this is an internal competition and only involves Clongriffin athletes and to those on our waiting list.


No group training