Tymon Park Cross-Country: The Details You Need To Know

Second round of the the Dublin Cross-Country League is Sunday. For those competing, here is what you need to know.

Venue. Tymon Park, image below shows the location including parking options. The exact pin will be in the WhatsApp group.

When To Arrive. The times for each race are listed below. Try to arrive 45mins before your race time. The races do not take long, average time 5 minutes, so it’s a quick day. When you arrive, we will have our Clongriffin AC Flag up so you will be able to see us. We will have the athlete’s numbers for them.

Race Start Times & Distances

Gu9 (2014): 11:00 (500m) (eg arrive at 10:15)

Bu9 (2014): 11:05 (500m)

Gu10 (2013): 11:10 (700m)

Bu10 (2013): 11:15 (700m)

Gu11 (2012): 11:22 (900m)

Bu11 (2012): 11:30 (900m)

Gu12 (2011): 11:38 (1200m)

Bu12 (2011): 11:47 (1200m)

Gu13 (2010): 11:56 (1200m)

Bu13 (2010): 12:05 (1200m)

Gu14 (2009): 12:14 (1500m)

Bu15 (2008): 12:46 (2000m)

Weather & What To Wear: Bring rain coats etc just in case. If athletes have spikes, bring them but the ground should be solid enough to just use runners also. You will need to bring your Clongriffin AC vest or tee. If you don’t have one we should have a tee available when you arrive.

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