Dublin Championships u12-U16

Saturday & Sunday

Days 3 & 4 of the Dublin Championships are in Santry tomorrow and Sunday for 2011 and older.

Entered athletes are all listed here with the day of the event (either Saturday or Sunday) and estimated start time. Please arrive 60mins before event start time.

We are also looking for any parents who are available to be an official. This will involve helping out in measuring a long jump or high jump etc. The more we can get, the less time each parent would have to do as we could rotate officials. It can be an interesting experience to be in the arena close up to the heat of the battle! Each club is obliged to provide a number of officials (as it can take 30-40 officials to run a meet) and we are keen to have the coaches supporting and coaching the athletes on the day as opposed to officiating.

If an athlete can’t make it, please let the Age Group coach know.

Timetables are also linked here

Day 3 and Day 4

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