Dublin Leagues – Outdoors

The Dublin League starts this Saturday. This competition is intended to give athletes a chance to try events in a more relaxed environment and is good practice and preparation for the Dublin Championships coming up in May.

There are four rounds of the League over the next 6 weeks. Each round there are 2 to 5 events in each age group and athletes can compete in just 1 event or as many as they wish.

It is €3 entry fee per league round and this is covered by the Club.

The events in Round 1 in each age group are:

Boys & Girls u10 (b.2013): Turbo Javelin, 500m

Boys & Girls u11 (b.2012): Long Jump, 600m

Boys & Girls u12 (b.2011): High Jump, 600m

Boys & Girls u13 (b.2010): Javelin, 600m

Boys & Girls u14 (b.2009): Long Jump, Shot Putt, 400m, 1500m

Boys & Girls u15 (b.2008): Long Jump, High Jump, 400m, 1500m

Boys & Girls u16 (b.2007): High Jump, 400m, 1500m

A link to confirm entry for competing will be sent later this week.

Timetable is linked below

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