Relays Team Confirmed

The following are the relay teams for this Sunday’s Dublin Indoor Relay Championship.

Each relay contains four members. In some ages we may have more athletes than places available so the coaching team may have to make decisions as regards who is selected on the teams. This will always be a balancing act of trying to give everyone an opportunity but also taking into account performances in training and recent competitions. If athletes are not on a relay this weekend there will be more opportunities in the Outdoor season from April onwards.

Relays are for ages u10 and upwards. In total there are 340 relay teams competing on Sunday with Clongriffin AC having 12 teams competing.

There will be heats in all ages with the Top 6 team’s progressing to the final. In ages u12 and upwards, the Top 3 teams progress to the All-Ireland Finals.

This should be an exciting competition where the athletes will get to compete as a team and represent their club.

Girls u10 2013

Team 1

Monika Lozovaja

Mya Akinsowon

Orlaith O’Grady

Zara Akinsowan

Team 2

Amelia McCallion

Lucy Kavanagh

Niamh O’Farrell

Sarah O’Hallaoran

Boys u10 2013

Charlie Motherway

Daniel Ward

Joe Coogan

Ruben Casey

Girls u11 2012

Aislinn O’Healai

Emily Kelly

Eve McCormack

Nikita Riecka

Boys u11 2012

Evan Doyle

Jacques Duthoit

Max Lyons

Oran Dolan

Girls u12 2011

Team 1

Ava Kavanagh

Ella O’Dwyer

Sarah O’Farrell

Sophie Winkless

Team 2

Emma O’Brien

Hannah Cullen

Liliya Riecka

Sophie Ferguson

Boys u12 2011

Adam McCarthy

Akim Lozovoi

Charlie O’Brien

Ozie Turan

Girls u13 2010

Aoife Ferguson

Anabel Ward

Lauren Ferguson


Boys u13 2010

Ben Lyons

Dylan Motherway

Jaden Hagan-Frank

Keane Wosser

Girls u14 2009

Kate Foley

Ciara Withington

Mia Kenny

Marianne O’Farrell

Boys u15 2008

Kevin Lozovoi

Paul Cullen

Rian O’Healai

Zac Dullaghan

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