Dublin Indoors: Day 5 – 20/02/22



National Indoor Arena, National Sports Campus, Abbotstown, Dublin

Timetable And Competing Athletes

TimeAge GroupYOB
9:30Girls u102013
9:50Boys u102013
10:05Girls u122011
10:30Boys u122011
10:50Girls u142009
13:45Girls u112012
14:05Boys u112012
14:20Girls u132010
14:45Boys u132010
15:30Boys u152008

Relay teams will be announced on Thursday.

Arrival Time

  • Please carefully read the timetable provided by the Club before an event. This will list each athlete, what event they are doing and the event’s start time.
  • For all events please arrive 60 minutes before the event. Please account for traffic and parking at the venue in your timing.
  • Athletes are free but all other spectators must pay a €5 admission fee.
  • On arrival at the arena, proceed to where the Team have based themselves in the Arena and the Team Manager for the day will give the athlete their competition number and pins for attaching. The Team Manager and ‘team base’ location will be confirmed to all in advance. If you received a competition number last weekend, please bring this number as you will need to use the same number again.
  • Some athletes may be entered in more than one event with lengthy time gaps between them. If you have any questions around this, eg, is it possible to go home and come back later, please contact the Age Group Coach (see Coach Contact List at bottom)

Team Vest and Competition Number

  • The competition number must be attached to the official Clongriffin AC vest or tee shirt. If you do not have a vest or tee shirt, contact Sinead on 087-626 6816 to let her know.

Event Check In

  • Once the athlete has their number, they must now Check In. A member of the Coaching team will assist the athlete with Check In.
  • This is a very important step as it means the organisers know the athlete is present and will be competing, This allows officials to complete heat draws and lane draws on the timing system. If an athlete misses this Check In cut off, they will not be allowed compete.
  • If you are running late please call or message the Age Group Coach (see Coach Contact list) so they can try to accommodate a late check in with officials. There is no guarantee that this will be accommodated.

Warm Up

  • After Check In, the athlete can enter the Warm Up Area where they will be met by their Age Group coach to help in warm up and preparation for their event.
  • There can be a lengthy period before the event while in the warmup area so athletes should bring a bottle water.
  • They will access to a toilet from the Warm Up area.
  • Family and supported can remain the stand for the duration and the Warm Up area is fully visible from the stand.

Event Time

  • When their event is to take place, the athletes will be brought to race start or field event.
  • For a field event they will remain at the event for the duration until their event is completed. When it is completed, they will be free to return to the stand. Once started a field event can take 30-45 minutes to complete.
  • For a running or hurdle event there may be heats, semi-finals and finals. The specifics of qualification for finals will vary from event to event and will be based on finishing places and times in heats.
  • After heats the athletes will return to the Warm Up area to the Coaches who will advise whether they should remain in the Warm Up area for a potential semi-final or final or whether they can return to the stand. If athletes are progressing to the semi-final or final there may be a lengthy period of time between heats and final. Coaches will advise the athletes on this.
  • While there is a timetable, it is possible to change on the day and there can be delays. There can be up to 1,500 athletes attending and it requires a lot of logistics.
  • It is important that parents or guardians remain in the Arena for the duration of their athletes time there. The Coaching team will be responsible and take care of the athletes once they are in the Warmup Area but they will not be able to monitor the athletes while in the Stand etc.


  • It is possible to bring some food as you are likely to be in the arena for several hours.  It is also possible to leave the arena and re-enter if you wish.

Coach Contacts

  • Each age group will have a designated Lead Coach for the day. These will be the contact person for the day and also in the lead up to the event.

Boys and Girls U10 & U11 (Born 2012 / 2013): Sinead 087 – 626 6816

Girls U12 & U13 (Born 2010 / 2011): Marie 086 337 7711

Boys U12 & U13 (Born 2010 / 2011): Jeremy 087 – 929 2853

Boys & Girls U14 (Born 2009) Boys U15 (Born 2008): Cliodhna 087 – 648 7587

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