Training Day at National Indoor Arena

We have our first training day at the National Indoor Arena in the Sport Ireland Campus in Abbotstown this Saturday, 15th January 2022.

Some very important points to note.

  • To assist the coach team to plan, if your athlete is attending can you please complete the Attendance Form for each athlete. It is linked in the Whats App group.
  • Training Day is for athletes born 2014 and older, so not for 2015 & 2016. A second day will be held on 29th January and 2015 & 2016 will be able to attend that one.
  • Due to Covid restrictions and regulations in the Arena, no parents or spectators are allowed attend the training day.
  • If any parent wishes to attend to assist their athlete in the Arena, this can be arranged by contacting Jeremy.
  • If any parent is interested in helping out on the day, contact Jeremy.
  • Please do not arrive at the reception area of the venue any earlier than 13:45. When the athletes arrive they will be met by members of the coaching team at the reception area who will check them in and show them into the Arena.
  • To enter the Arena, the athlete must wear a face mask but once they are in the Arena and in their training group they will not need a face mask for the duration of the two hour session.
  • The link to the venue is here.
  • The training day will finish at 16:00 and athletes will exit the Arena and can be met at the Reception area where they were left off earlier.
  • Athlete should bring their own water bottle.
  • If athletes have spikes, they should bring them but ensure the needle in the spike is less than 6mm. If bringing spikes, arrive in their runners and change into the spikes in the Arena. Coaches will be able to assist with this if required.
  • If athletes have club gear, feel free to wear it but there is no obligation. The temperature in the Arena is very comfortable and will feel like a mild (Irish) summers day. As always it is advised athletes have layers that they can take off if too hot or put on if they are too cold.
  • The athletes will get to practice and try all events so we expected it to be an action packed and fun day.

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