Dublin Cross Country League

Round 3 – Tymon Park

The final round of the Dublin Cross Country League is next Sunday, 28th November, in Tymon Park and starting at 11am.

As its the last round, the distances are much shorter than the recent Championships, see below.

If you want to be enterted, please complete this form before end of day Tuesday to allow our competition team prepare the entries. Note, any athlete who has done 2 of the 3 events will receive a medal while the Top 6 in each age group League will receive an award from Dublin Athletics. We currently have 4 athletes in Top 6 positions.

Entry Form


U9 600m

U10 800m

U11 1000m

U12 1000m

U13 1500m

U14 1500m

U15 2000m

Round 2 – Tymon Park

The second round of the Dublin Cross-Country League takes place in Tymon on Sunday 10th October.

If athletes have their spikes, they should bring them. Runners should be fine tomorrow if they don’t have spikes but in case its slippy if they have football boots, bring just in case.

The location to meet in Tymon Park is here. Please not which side of the park the races are at. Dublin County Board have advised to not park at the Basketball Arena as there is an event on there. You should park in the official South Dublin Council car parks.

Any question contact on the below.


EventDistanceArrive TimeRace Time
U9 Girls b.2013500m10:1511:00
U9 Boys b.2013500m10:2011:05
U10 Girls b.2012700m10:2511:10
U10 Boys b.2012700m10:3011:16
U11 Girls b.2011900m10:4011:22
U11 Boys b.2011900m10:4511:30
U12 Girls b.20101200m10:5011:38
U12 Boys b.20101200m11:0011:47
U13 Girls b.20091300m11:1011:56
U13 Boys b.20091300m11:2012:05
U14 Girls b.20081500m11:3012:14
U14 Boys b.20081500m11:4012:24
Dublin Cross Country League Round 2

This is a friendly, non-championship event that aims to provide athletes a chance to try cross-country. The distances are shorter than championship event and build up to longer distances each round of the League.

Every athlete who competes in a round receives 10 pts and then there are bonus points for top 20 finishers with the winner receiving 20 points all the way down to 20th place receiving 1 extra bonus point.

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