Dublin Cross Country Championships

The first day of the Dublin Cross-Country Championships for Ages U10/U12/U14 takes place on 17th October in Abbotstown. Reminder that these age are:

  • U10 Born 2012
  • U12 Born 2010
  • U14 Born 2008

The link to confirm entry with us is here. Strict closing date is 6th October. The entry fee is €4 per athlete but this covered by the Club via you paying your membership fee.

The Dublin championship for Uneven Ages (Born 2013, 2011, 2009, 2007) is on Sunday 31st October and entries will be worked on closer to that date.

This is both an individual and team competition. All athletes race the distance and their finishing positions are recorded. The finishing positions of the top 4 athletes from each club are then added for the team score. The team with the lowest score wins and so on. Example below, assume 4 teams were entered:

  1. Team D
  2. Team C
  3. Team D
  4. Team A
  5. Team A
  6. Team B
  7. Team B
  8. Team B
  9. Team D
  10. Team B
  11. Team C
  12. Team A
  13. Team A
  14. Team B
  15. Team D
  16. Team B
  17. Team D
  18. Team A
  19. Team C
  20. Team C

Team D would win this team competition with Team B in 2nd and Team A in 3rd.

Any athete who wishes to run will be entered and be part of the Clongriffin team for their age group.

The top 12 individual finishers in the Dublin Championships go on to represent the Dublin team at the All-Ireland Championships. The Top 3 clubs team also go on to represent Dublin in the All-Ireland Championships.

There is no All-Ireland’s for U9 and U10, just Dublins.

Dublin League Round 1

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