Club Kit Ordering Form

Racing vests are needed for children who plan to compete in external competitions. Half-zip tops are optional.

We plan to hold a kit swap at Christmas 2021 which will allow members to pass on kit that their child may have outgrown etc. We are sourcing our kit from Irish owned O’Neills.

How to Order

Please complete and sign the Order Form at the bottom of this page and pay online using your child’s name as a reference. Please hand the form to Erika O’Healai at registration. If you have any queries, please contact Erika by email at

Club Bank Details:


IBAN: IE09 BOFI 9045 8769 6990 75

Reference: Your child’s name

If you wish to order a number of the same item, please write the number in the box provided and calculate the required figure.

Order Delivery

To keep costs as low as possible we plan to place orders on a bulk basis. As a result, the length of time before you receive your items may vary. We will be able to give you an indication of waiting time when you are placing your order. Once items arrive they will be distributed at the end of the training session. Please allow up to 6 – 8 weeks for delivery.

ItemOrder SizeQty Cost Total
Racing vestAge 5 – 6  €20 
 Age 7 – 8  €20 
 Age 9 – 10  €20 
 Age 10 – 11  €20 
 Age 13 – 14  €25 
Half-zip topsAge 5 – 6  €31.50 
 Age 7 – 8  €31.50 
 Age 9 – 10  €31.50 
 Age 10 – 11  €31.50 
 Age 13 – 14  €38.50 
 Adult sizes   
 Small  €41.50 
 Medium  €41.50 
 Large  €41.50 
 Xlarge  €41.50 
 XXLarge  €41.50 

Date:  ___________________________________________________________  

Child/ren’s name(s):  _______________________________________________

Parent’s Name and phone number:  ___________________________________________________

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