Winter Challenge

The Winter Challenge is up and running. Each week the athletes will be given challenges to complete and log via the Parents Smartsheet Form.

Challenge #1 – Time On Feet

This challenge is a straighforward one. The kids will need to either run or walk for 30 minutes each week. It can be done in one go or across a couple of runs or walks. More than 30 minutes can be done also. The time needed on their feet will increase each week.

Challenge #2 – Throw

The kids need a tennis ball or sliothar and an open space to throw. When they throw, get them to measure with their own steps, normal walking steps. No cheating, as this challenge is all about throwing further each week relative to what they threw the previous week, so beating their own personal best!

Challenge #3 – Long Jump

Standing Long Jump

Long Jump can be done anywhere. Start in a standing position and jump as far as possible with two feet landing on the ground at the same time. Measure how far they have jump using a measure tape or if you don’t have one get the kids to make a homemade tape with paper pages stuck together and measure marks marked with a marker and ruler. Like the throw, they can do as many time as they want and the goal os to keep beating their personal best.

As always, Covid 19 protocols should be adhered to when completing all these challenges.

A new challenge will be added this week and introduced on the Virtual Training Session this Wednesday at 19:00.

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