Dublin League Details

A round of the Dublin League takes places this Sunday in Tallaght.

The timetable and events per age is in this link


Reminder age groups are u10 (2014), u11 (2013), u12 (2012), u13 (2011), u14 (2010), u15 (2009), u16 (2008).

Leagues are good preparation for the upcoming championship and also an opportunity to get competition experience.

Fill in this form so Age Group Coaches know you will be competing. There is space for any questions you may have in the form but also the Age Group Coaches are listed below who can also be contacted directly.


Age Group Coaches

U10 Conor 086/833 8135

U11 Girls Dan 087/134 8556

U11 Boys Morgan 087/991 0654

U12 Jeremy 087/929 2853

U13 Girls Marie 086/337 7711

U13 Boys Ed 087/919 0419

U14 Jeremy 087/929 2853

U15/U16 Girls Cliodhna 087/648 7587

U15/U16 Boys Jeremy 087/929 2853

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