Clongriffin FAQ

What are the training groups? Training groups are split into groups; Little Athletics (U7 & U8), Academy (U9, U10, U11), Development (U12 & U13) and Preperformance (U14 & U15) and Performance (U16+). Boys and girls train together.

How do age groups work in Athletics? U7 for example is athletes who turn 6 in that year therefore they are Under 7.

Where do you train? You can find details on our training times here.

Do you need any specific clothing or footwear? For athletics training all you need is a pair of well fitting runners that allow for flexibility and movement of the feet (i.e. don’t have sole or heel with bubble that is too thick which can be prohibitive). For competition spikes are recommended especially for U12 upwards. All athletes need to wear a club t-shirt or club vest – see more information here.

Do children have to compete? We like to support children to take part in competitions. We endeavour to create an environment to enable children to build the confidence and capability and readiness to compete. Athletics has many disciplines from sprints, to longer distance, jumping and throwing to relays so there is many ways to compete for the club. However we understand that for some children they may wish not to compete.

What are the athletics competitions? There are three key seasons cross country (September-December), Indoor track & field (Feb-March) and outdoor track & field (April-July). Unlike team sports which have matches every week in athletics there are a few key weekends of competition for each season. These will tend to be full day events. You can find the competition calendar here.

My child has additional needs does your club cater for that? We are an inclusive club, let us know how you feel we could make it a positive experience for your child and we can work together to support them.

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