Relays Night – Santry – Friday 13th May

A date for the diary, this is special training as part of preparation for relay team for the Dublin Championships. We will look to enter relay teams in all ages from U9 (2014) up. If we have enough athletes we will enter more than one team in an age group to ensure everyone can have the opportunity to compete in a relay. Each relay team has four members and it is 4 x 100m (indoors was 4 x 200m).

The Dublin Relays for U9-U11 are confirmed for 28th May while the other ages are still to be confirmed.

Picking Relay Teams

The Coaching Team will consider many factors when selecting teams for relays but at all times Long Term Athlete Development will be the priority. Factors include:

  • Committment to and focus at training particularly relay training
  • Current ability over the competition distance
  • Readiness to compete

Trial Races

To help the Coaching Team in their team selection and preparation there will be two trial races (over 100m) at training in Santry on May 13th. Training session is 18:30 to 19:30.

If your child would like to be included in relay teams but can’t make this training session, please let the Coaching Team know.

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