Dublin Outdoor League – Day 2

Day 2 of the Dublin Outdoor League is this Saturday in Santry.

Full timetable is here.

This event is a great opportunity for athletes to try events (especially new events they haven’t done before) in a more relaxed environment.

Girls & Boys U10 (2013) 60m, 500m, Long Jump

Girls & Boys U11 (2012) 60m, 600m, Turbo Javelin

Girls & Boys U12 (2011) 80m, 600m Shot Putt

Girls & Boys U13 (2010) 80m, 600m, Shot Putt

Girls & Boys U14 (2009) 100m, 800m, High Jump, Discus

Girls & Boys U15 (2008) 100m, 800m, Discus, Javelin

Girls & Boys U16 (2007) 100m, 800m, Long Jump, Javelin

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