Track Is Back

Back To Training

The long wait for athletics training is over as we held our first session last Wednesday in Fr Collins Park. 73 enthusiastic kids and 11 coaches worked in their age group pods with a focus on ‘fun and keep them moving‘.

Lots of new drills, ideas and games were added to the session menu by the coaches including Long Jump Relay, Alien Tag, Pursuit Relay, Noodle Chase and variations on the old favourite, The Obstacle Course.

NDA Challenge

This Sunday sees the first version of our NDA Competition. This is a friendly, internal club, multi-event team challenge.

For our first event we will start small and focus on athletes born in 2009 or older. The competition starts at 10am in Fr Collins Park on Sunday. The link to register and Covid Screening will be sent via the WhatsApp group.

Events in the competition this week will be:

  • 60m Sprint
  • Overhead Medball Toss
  • Long Jump
  • Parlauf Relay

The following week, Sunday 9th May will see the 2010 & 2011 age group start their competition with all other ages added the following week, 16th May.

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