Training Ideas

To help parents give the athletes some structure to their week’s activity, here is a proposed plan they could follow. Feel free to take out some days or move the days around:

Day 1 (Saturday): Challenges Day – Complete the Standing Long Jump, Wall Sit, Power Jet Balance and Ball Throw.

Day 2 (Sunday): Time on Feet – Good chance to do your Time On Feet and add some time to your score with a run or walk.

Day 3 (Monday): Running Day – an idea for athlete born 2011 and older. Find a soccer or GAA pitch. Do a 5 minute warm up jog, nice and steady. Then do 8 x Half A Lap with 2 minutes recovery between each run. The pace is a ‘fast jog’.

Day 4 (Tuesday): Challenges Day – repeat Day 1 and see can you beat your own Personal Bests.

Day 5: (Wednesday): Virtual Training Night on Zoom at 19:00.

Other Time of Feet runs or walks can be added on any of those days too.

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