Dublin Virtual Cross Country

The first competition of the 2020 / 2021 season will be a virtual one with the Athletics Ireland supported Dublin Virtual Cross-Country Challenge on November 22nd in Fr Collins Park. The challenge involves all Dublin clubs holding their own cross-country time trial at one of their training sessions in November and submitting the times of all athletes to organisers in Athletics Ireland. Once all times are submitted, the organisers will collate all scores and confirm the individual and team winners in all age groups.

Training in Fr Collins in early November

This will be a fun event and a great introduction to cross-country to all Clongriffin athletes. Social distance guidelines including adherence to pod structures will be followed. Any athletes born in 2012 or earlier can enter the challenge.

We will also have a special race (not part of the official Dublin Virtual Challenge) for those born in 2013.


10:10 Girls & Boys Race (Born 2013) 400m

10:15 Girls Race 1 (Born 2011 & 2012) 500m

10:20 Boys Race 1 (Born 2011 & 2012) 500m

10:25 Girls Race 2 (Born 2010) 1100m

10:30 Boys Race 2 (Born 2010) 1100m

10:35 Girls Race 3 (Born 2009, 2008, 2007) 1500m

10:45 Boys Race 3 (Born 2009, 2008, 2007) 1500m

Entry will be through the standard Attendance and Covid Screening form which will be provided in the days before the event. This is a free event.

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