Inaugural AGM

We held our inaugural AGM on Wednesday 14th October 2020 virtually over zoom.

It was great to reflect on how we have progressed as a club. 66 Juvenile members (50:50 Boys:Girls) working with ideal coach/athlete ratio with a super coaching team of 8 (also 50:50 Female:Male) supported by an energetic committee.

And most importantly a very happy bunch of children of all abilities enjoying & developing in the sport of athletics.

Thank you to all volunteers, parents and the young athletes, everyone of you is a key part of club community.

The following committee was elected:

  • Sinéad Galvin          Chairperson
  • Erika O’Healai         Treasurer
  • Erika Carroll             Registrar
  • Maeve Withington  Secretary
  • Laura Cullen            Child Officer

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